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Judo and Basketball

As chaotic a childhood as Sandy had, the one constant in her life was sports and physical activity.  Her dad had her try every sport growing up; team and individual, traditional and non-traditional.  Sometimes that meant him selling something to pay for lessons, bartering with the coach on fees or even staying to clean up to cover the cost but he made it happen.  At age 5 Sandy started Judo and by age 6 she entered and won her first tournament.  To say the least it came naturally to her; the idea of getting knocked down and getting back up was something she was use to doing already.  


Unfortunately, the crazy, chaotic part of Sandy's life reared its head when her dad decided, on a whim, to leave Spanaway and gave her two weeks notice to pack up her stuff.  They ended up in the small town of Ione, Washington and the closest dojo was over 2 hours away so judo came to an abrupt stop.  In its place, Sandy fell in love with the game of basketball and with the help of her High School Basketball Coach, Sandy earned a full ride basketball scholarship to GU, got her teaching degree, and became a full time teacher and coach.  

IMG_9248 (1).JPG

National Judo Champion

Bushikan Dojo

Sensei Daniel

Gonzaga University

Women's Basketball

1994 -1998

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