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Social Emotional Learning Presenter

Although Sandy struggled in school, especially with reading and writing, she did excel at self-awareness, self management, self-efficacy, social awareness, social management, and social engagement.  With very little help, support, or guidance from home where do you IMAGINE she learned those skills?  Sandy has countless stories and not just of teachers, it takes a TEAM effort, but stories of bus drivers, custodians, secretaries and other office staff, the people who serve breakfast and lunch, librarians, administrators, counselors, coaches, para educators...  every single one of those people played a huge role in her life from elementary, to middle school, to high school in helping her defy the odds and change her family tree.  Sandy has a unique, entertaining, engaging, and moving way of using her own real life, powerful, meaningful stories to teach staff the importance of developing students SEL skills as well as easy, practical ways to naturally and organically weave it into everyday learning.  Sandy stories will show you the impact ALL staff can have on students SEL skills every single single day.  

Inspirational/Motivational Speaker

The personal growth Sandy has had through her American Ninja Warrior journey has been transformational.  When it comes to Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACE's, Sandy is a perfect 10/10; physical neglect, emotional neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, divorce, family member incarcerated, substance abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues in the home.  But, in some incredible way Sandy's journey on ANW has been like therapy for her and it has helped her heal some old wounds.  The journey has also helped Sandy grow in courage and confidence and she has finally found her voice; the strong, courageous voice we all have inside us.  Sandy has spent the last 5 years impacting lives by sharing her story to various schools, groups, churches, business and organizations.  Hanging in her office for over two decades Sandy has a framed quote from Jackie Robinson that says, "A life is not important except in the impact it has on others' lives." and now today that passion and purpose remains stronger than ever.  

Topics Sandy has talked about before;

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Being Brave and Courageous


Defying the Odds



Dreaming Big Dreams

Embracing our Differences



Extending Grace


Finding our Purpose

Goal Setting


Growth Mindset

Handling Mistakes

Importance of Human Connection




Listening to the Right Voice

Mental Toughness

Mental Training


Overcoming Barriers


Personal Health; Social, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Environment

Personal Responsibility

Positive Self Talk

Power of Hope

Pursuit of our Full Potential

Role Models and Mentors


Social-Emotional Learning

Using our Unique Gift and Talents

Vulnerability as Strength


"We have two chances at life.  The first is as a child and you don't have a lot of say over that life but your second chance is the life you create.  You have the power to change your family tree."


"Life is a team sport and people matter most.  We just never know when we will give or receive those life changing moments from each other.  Show up."

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