Honored to be teaming up with the one an

"It doesn't matter

where you come from,

what you've gone through

or what you're going through.

We can all dream big dreams."

My Story

Early Years

As incredible as it is to be the first mom in 11 seasons to complete the ANW course, I am most proud of the fact that I've been able to make a good life for myself and kids despite my rough childhood. I grew up poor and on welfare. I had a very unstable and chaotic family life and spent time in the foster care system. In the midst of all of the chaos, sports and physical activity taught me the life lessons like grit, perseverance and determination that helped me get through my tough childhood.  I started judo at the age of 5 and I'm a former national judo champion. When we moved to an area where judo wasn't an option, I started playing basketball and eventually earned a full ride scholarship to play at Gonzaga University.


PE Teacher

Sports and physical activity brought teachers and coaches into my life that believed in me, saw potential in me and invested in me.  Because of their influence, I became a Physical Education teacher and have taught for over 20 years. I hope to make a positive impact on other's lives just like my coaches and teachers did for me. 



I am a 45 year old mother of 3 wonderful children ages 15, 12 and 10. My American Ninja Warrior journey started about 6 years ago, and It didn't take long before the kids and I were hooked and fell in love with the sport.  My family and I travel all over the country visiting ninja gyms and competing in ninja league competitions.  In July 2020, our entire family got to compete in UNAA worlds.  My kids have also had the opportunity to compete on American Ninja Warrior Junior.  I have had so much personal growth from this sport and love to share it with others, so when I'm not teaching, I run ninja classes in the backyard where we have over 40 obstacles. 


America Ninja Warrior Journey


My America Ninja Warrior journey began on seasons 8 and 9 and I went out very early.  I had several injuries requiring multiple surgeries and wasn't able to compete in season 10, but my husband Charlie ran in my honor.  Season 11 was my big comeback season, where I was finally completely healthy and had the run of my life.  In the Tacoma/Seattle City Qualifiers I was the first mom in 11 seasons of ANW to get up the warp wall and hit the buzzer.  I had another epic run in the Tacoma/Seattle City Finals going out on the 8th obstacle and finishing 13th place overall just missing National Finals by one spot.  Season 12 was special season, we somehow managed to salvage the season under strict Covid guidelines and competed in St. Louis.  I made it to the finals and was one of the last women standing.  I also got to compete that season in the first ever ANW Women's Championship along side 11 of the top women in this sport.  I managed to get my second ANW buzzer and made it to the finals.  My next big dream is to be the first mom to finish a 10 obstacle finals course, win the women's championship and complete stage one at the Vegas national finals.


Making a Difference

I am so thrilled and excited to share my story and use this platform to make a difference, impact lives and hopefully inspire others to dream their own big dreams.  I've been involved in several different speaking events, local fundraisers, charities and events offering private ninja lessons, parties and team building events.  To this date I have brought in over $28,000 dollars for some incredible causes right here in Spokane.